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An auto loan refinance is a tool you can use, just like a mortgage refi. By refinancing your car loan, you can lower your monthly payment and save money over the life of the loan by qualifying for a lower interest rate. Learn all about good and bad credit car loan refinancing at AutoLoanDaily.

Auto Loan Refinance Tips
If you need to cut some of your monthly expenses or if you had bad credit when you bought your car, look into refinancing your car loan. It takes a few minutes to apply online, and you’ll get a response almost immediately. See which lenders offer you the best rate and make sure the new loan is for the same term or less to save the most money. Even if you don’t have a prime credit scor[…] Read More.

Why & How to Refinance Your Auto Loan
There are several different situations when refinancing an auto loan is beneficial, says Dale Peterson, president of, a licensed auto loan refinancing lender. You should refinance if you had a poor credit score when you bought your car and signed a loan with a high interest rate, if you reviewed your home budget and need to trim outgoing cash and reduce […] Read More.

Refinancing a Car Loan Can Save Money and Improve Credit
When most people hear the word “refinance”, they associate it with their home mortgage, a lot of paperwork and expensive fees. What consumers don’t really know is that by refinancing their car loan, they can save money on the interest they are paying and can actually improve their credit in the process. Popular misconceptions about auto loan refinancing are that only people […] Read More.

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