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Actual car shoppers and buyers share their experience with you. Learn from their mistakes and successes from their recent car purchase. These stories focus on shoppers with good credit. Learn how they saved money in certain areas and how they could have saved money in other areas. See how they negotiated the vehicle price and the auto financing. You’ll see how they chose the car loan or lease that best fit their needs.

The Editor’s Car Shopping Diary: The Big Decision
After ruling out the Honda Accord coupe and Nissan Altima sedan, I decided the Mazda 6 was the perfect car for me. I knew I was going to buy the car from the moment I test-drove it. It had the room I was looking for and the sporty styling I preferred. After leaving Maroone Nissan in Delray Saturday afternoon, I headed over to Delray Mazda. I purpo[…] Read More.

The Editor’s Car Shopping Diary: Second Weekend at the Dealers
I began my car search several weeks ago doing lots of online research. I went to several dealerships two weeks ago to look and test drive cars. I decided not to do any car shopping or research during Labor Day weekend, so I took the weekend off to relax. All last week, my goal was to finish the rest of my research and get all my ducks in a row. So I called my insurance agent to see how much it w[…] Read More.

The Editor’s Car Shopping Diary: First Weekend Out to Look
I haven’t bought a car in six years and over the weekend, I found out that absolutely nothing about buying a car has changed. The car shopping process is still as dreadful as I remember.* I recently found out that my car is going to cost more than I thought to fix. It just doesn’t make sense for me to put more money into the car. It’s been an awesome vehicle and it’s been […] Read More.

Shopping For a Specialty Vehicle? It May be Harder Than You Expect to Find What You Need
When Al Escalante needed a specialty van for his family, he had no idea how difficult it would be to find exactly what he was looking for. Al, an operations coordinator for a major oil field service company in Lafayette, La., has two children. His 19-year-old daughter has cerebral palsy and since she is in a wheelchair, Al needs a full-size van that can accommoda[…] Read More.

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