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Is your car lease almost done? Learn what to expect when you turn your leased vehicle back in to the dealership. Do you want to get out of your current lease? You’ll also learn all about auto lease transfers here.

Take Over Someone’s Car Lease & Save Money
There are several reasons why a consumer should consider taking over someone else’s lease. “You’ll get a short-term lease contract, usually 24 to 30 months,” says Scot Hall, executive vice president of operations at “Taking on less commitment makes sense for a lot of people in this dicey economy.” “You’ll also benefit fro[…] Read More.

Lease Transfers Offer Way Out of Your Car Lease
If you recently lost your job, are going through a lifestyle change or just like to have a new car often, a lease transfer may be a good idea for you. Leases are contracts which can be very expensive to get out of. Scot Hall, executive vice president of operations at, says that a lease transfer can help consumers get out of their lease without the expens[…] Read More.

Lease Transfers Offer a Way Out and a Good Deal, But Consumers Should Read the Fine Print
With all the car loan payment protection plans available to consumers now, what if you’re leasing your vehicle and lose your job? You can’t just give the vehicle back, since a lease is essentially a contract and trying to get out of it can be very expensive and can damage your credit. What options do you have? A popular solution consumers use is to list their lease on a classified leasing Web sit[…] Read More.

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