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Read car buyers’ real life stories from those with bad credit. Learn from their mistakes and successes from their recent car purchase. These stories focus on shoppers with bad credit. See how they were able to get a car loan even though they didn’t have the best credit history.

Car Shopper Says Buy-Here-Pay-Here Experience Was Surprisingly Enjoyable
When you have bad credit and need a car, you don’t necessarily have your pick of the litter. Car shoppers with bad credit have to buy a car where they can get approved for a car loan. We talked to Dan Miller, an airline baggage handler in the West Palm Beach, Fla. area, about his recent experience buying a used vehicle from a buy-here-pay-here dealership. Dan found that the whole process wa[…] Read More.

New Car Loan Turns Lemon Into Lemonade
Clark Hanley learned his lesson when he bought a used car from a private seller without doing a Carfax report or having a mechanic inspect it. The car not only was a lemon, but the transmission froze while Clark was driving it! Needless to say, Clark was angry and frustrated. He decided that he’d rather try an inexpensive new car than to deal with all the hassle of an older used car again. […] Read More.

Buyers Are Getting Approved For Car Loans Even With Bad Credit
If you have less-than-perfect credit and need a car loan, where do you begin? Do you go to your local bank, your local new car dealer or do you try the online financing route? One of our readers emailed us this week to let us know his story about how he got approved for a car loan even though his credit score is not in the 720 and higher range, which lenders recommend for the be[…] Read More.

After Being Offered a 17% Interest Rate, I Walked Out
With the exact car and monthly payment he wanted in mind, Tim Stevens set out to buy it at the best deal possible in today’s buyer’s market. What he didn’t expect though were a few bumps along the way to new car ownership. What Tim experienced is what a lot of buyers also go through. Tim has a wife and two younger kids and decided that he wanted a new car in February. He went online t[…] Read More.

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