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It’s extremely important to make your car loan payments on time, every month. You’ll learn why it’s so important never to miss a monthly auto loan payment and how it affects your credit.

How to Remove Your Name From a Co-signed Auto Loan
Did you co-sign a car loan for a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or family member? Do you regret co-signing the auto loan for them? Maybe you didn’t realize what exactly was involved or you’re no longer dating the person. For whatever reason, a lot of people who co-sign a car loan want to be removed from the loan at some point in time. When you co-signed the auto loan, you essentially became the jo[…] Read More.

Do Biweekly Car Payments Save Money
As consumers look for ways to save money and lower their monthly expenses, car loan acceleration is something being talked about more often on the Internet. The premise behind it is that if you split your auto loan payment in half every month and pay it twice, you’ll pay less in interest. As seen in many Internet forums and on several Web sites, some people are […] Read More.

Using Home Equity Line of Credit to Pay Off Auto Loan
If you’re one of the lucky home owners who has equity in your property, it can be used for many things. A common use is to buy a car and pay off the auto loan with a home equity line of credit, or HELOC. Steve Bucci, the “Debt Adviser” at, says that consumers should consider both the pros and cons of using a home equity line […] Read More.

Disabler Shuts Vehicle Down if Car Loan Payments Aren’t Made
A new device is making it harder for drivers to ignore their car loan payments. More used car dealerships are installing remote disabling devices that prevent the car from starting if the consumer gets too far behind on their auto loan payments, the Wall Street Journal reports. The disablers give warning signals to drivers days before the device shuts down the car. Flashing lights and beeping aler[…] Read More.

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