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The dealership will offer you add-ons like an extended warranty, VIN etching, paint sealant, rust protection, etc. when you’re in the middle of the auto finance paperwork. Do you really need any of these car add-ons? Learn the pros and cons of add-ons and if you want to purchase any of them, learn how to negotiate the price.

Are Extended Car Warranties Worth the Money
While we, as consumers, know we should do our homework before making any major purchase, sometimes we slack a little. CNBC has a consumer alert/buyer beware story about extended auto warranties on its site, informing consumers that these warranties may be a rip-off and may not cover what they say they will cover. NBC News investigated US Fidelis, a company that offers third-party extended car wa[…] Read More.

Extended Warranty Still Good if Dealer Goes Bankrupt
If you bought a car recently and found out that the dealership has gone bankrupt and closed, don’t worry. Your extended warranty you purchased will still be honored, says the Service Contract Industry Council. “If a consumer has a service contract from a dealership that is closing or has gone out of business, the first thing to do is contact the dealer directly or the service-plan ad[…] Read More.

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