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If you want to save money on gas to fill up your new vehicle, remember to factor in the price of fuel. Hybrids and electric vehicles will save you money on gas, but you also have to factor in the cost to recharge electric cars.

Gas Prices Affecting Car Shoppers’ Plans
The recent increase in gas prices is causing some car shoppers to reconsider a vehicle purchase, according to a recent survey from Kelley Blue Book. The survey found that 70 percent of current car shoppers admit that gas prices have influenced the type of vehicle they’re considering. Forty-three percent said they are delaying the purchase of a vehicle due to economic concerns and gas prices, and […] Read More.

Dumping Gas Guzzler For Fuel Sipper May Cost More Than You Think
If you’re an impulsive person, you make decisions on a whim and usually don’t think about the long-term effects of your decisions. With the current gas price hike, car owners are really considering more fuel-efficient vehicles. For some consumers though, especially the impulsive ones, they are tempted to just head down to the dealer and trade their behemoth SUV in for a hybrid or a meager four-cy[…] Read More.

Car Purchases Could Depend on Gas Prices
As the price of gas keeps climbing closer to the inevitable $4 a gallon mark, consumers are starting to look at more fuel-efficient cars as a reality. At first, hybrid cars, for example, were trendy and were driven by environmentally-conscious hippies and celebrities. Now it seems like a very realistic option for buyers who want to save some much-needed money. According to a recent survey from Ca[…] Read More.

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