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Research car insurance costs at AutoLoanDaily before making your buying decision. Certain vehicles will have a higher insurance cost than others, even if they are very similar. Learn how to find out the insurance costs of the vehicles you’re considering before you buy.

Older Accord, Civic, Camry are Most Stolen Cars
The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released its Hot Wheels 2010 list of the most stolen vehicles. The nonprofit, who says it is dedicated to preventing, detecting and defeating insurance fraud and vehicle theft, compiled data reported to the National Crime Information Center to make its 2009 most stolen list.This list is important if you’re in the market for a used car because the cost to ins[…] Read More.

Bad Economy Causes More Drivers to Drop Car Insurance
As the recession continues to affect more Americans, more drivers are cancelling their car insurance policies, playing a risky game when they do get behind the wheel. Several hundred thousand drivers dropped their insurance in the past year as the unemployment rate increased, estimates a study to be released next month by the Insurance Research Council, the Wall Street Journal reports. “I a[…] Read More.

Small Cars Great on Gas, But More Expensive to Insure
According to a recent study on auto insurance rates by, switching from a big SUV or truck to a small car is likely to raise your insurance premium. The consumer shift to smaller, more fuel-friendly cars is huge right now, as the price of gas averages more than $4 a gallon. Shouldn’t your insurance company reward you for buying a fuel-efficient car with lower emissions? One would think[…] Read More.

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