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Negotiating the price of a new or used vehicle is stressful and intimidating for most car shoppers. Learn how to negotiate the car’s price to help you save money.

New Program Allows Buyers to Negotiate Car Price With Dealer Online
A new program would allow car shoppers to negotiate with a dealer the price of a vehicle through the Internet, instead of going to the dealership to haggle. A new program by Vision Selling Systems, named “Vision,” offers Internet car buyers more of a real-time negotiation scenario, almost like they are right there at the dealership in person. “The Vision system invites shoppers to[…] Read More.

How to Negotiate a Car Price With Low Payments
Dealer Invoice Price Gives You a Good Starting Point What is the dealer invoice price of the vehicles you are considering? If you don’t know what the dealer pays for the car, you won’t have a starting point for price negotiations. Once you know what the dealer pays, you can go from there. Remember, they need to make some profit to keep the doors open, but you shouldn’t be paying[…] Read More.

With Information at the Car Dealer, Less is More
The less information you give the dealer salesperson or finance manager, the more money you’ll save. Any information you give them helps them figure out how much to sell the car for and what interest rate they’ll finance you for. This helps them figure out how much profit they can earn from your deal. Don’t Tell the Salesperson How Much You Love a Car Act indifferent in front[…] Read More.

Personal Auto Shoppers Can Save Consumers Money & Time
If you’re a first-time car buyer, terrible at negotiating, get anxiety about the whole process, or just super busy, hiring a personal car shopper may be a great idea for you, and in the end, it can save you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on your next car purchase. There are two main ways that personal car shopping services operate. They either charge y[…] Read More.

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