Proper car maintenance will keep your vehicle running for years to come. This section includes car maintenance tips and advice on basic vehicle maintenance. Now that you’ve purchased or leased a new or used car, learn how to maintain it.

5 Car Service Rip-Offs
One way consumers can save money on auto maintenance costs is by comparison shopping and calling several dealerships and independent shops, according to a new analysis in Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto issue. “Consumers are feeling the pinch these days, but with a little detective work, they can save hundreds, while still taking proper care of their vehicles,” said Rik Paul, automotive e[…] Read More.

Repairing an Old Car Isn’t Always a Smart Financial Move
In an effort to pinch pennies, many consumers are keeping their old cars rather than buying new ones. Usually, this is a smart move, but eventually repairing an old car or truck just doesn’t make sense anymore and a new vehicle is the better financial choice. “When faced with the decision of whether to invest in the repair of a current vehicle or purchase a newer one, motorists need to consid[…] Read More.

How To Find a Good Auto Repair Shop
As fewer Americans buy new cars and keep their current vehicles longer, repair and maintenance are essential to the longevity of a car. Finding a great mechanic and car repair shop is extremely important as well, as more drivers want their car fixed right and for a fair price. Money is tight and people want to get a good deal, but don’t want to compromise on the quality of repair and servic[…] Read More.

How to Protect Your Car From Thieves
Stopping car thieves is a job most people assume will be done by the police or city and town officials, but increased patrols and better lit streets can only do so much. Luckily there are some things you can do as a car owner to help protect yourself. Forbes Auto has compiled a helpful list of things you can do to help prevent your car from being stolen or broken into. […] Read More.

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