Aging Suit Helps Carmakers Cater to the Elderly

nissan aging suit picture

Designers at Nissan are using a suit designed to imitate the effects of old age on the body. The suit weighs 11 pounds and limits movements in the wearer’s head and limbs to replicate arthritis. The suit also includes goggles that simulate the vision of someone with cataracts and boots with upturned toes to hinder balance.   Nissan says this suit will help young designers to create vehicles that are more elderly-friendly.
The number of U.S. car buyers over the age of 65 is expected to double by 2030, and older buyers tend to buy more expensive cars, so tailoring to an aging crowd is a wise decision. Nissan is using this suit to help make cars more comfortable for older drivers while also increasing safety. Drivers over the age of 65 are more accident prone than those between the ages of 25-65. The hope is that by designing a car specifically to address an older driver’s needs, some of those accidents can be avoided.
Other automakers are also trying to understand aging. Ford has its own “Third Age” suit, and General Motors is developing a high tech windshield to improve a driver’s view, MSNBC reports.

Image Via MSNBC