Aston Martin’s $2.3 Million Vulcan Is So Fast They Need To Teach You How To Drive It

Aston Martin’s $2.3 Million Vulcan Is So Fast They Need To Teach You How To Drive It


How do you follow up a supercar like the Aston Martin One-77? The 700-horsepower, $1.2 million One-77 is one of the most extreme cars you can drive on the street, so Aston took it to the next level and built the new Vulcan into a race-ready beast that can compete with GTE-class cars.


The Aston Martin Vulcan will use an 800-horsepower 7.0-liter V12 engine along with a carbon fiber monocoque frame and body, magnesium torque tube, carbon fiber driveshaft and carbon-ceramic brakes.


The Vulcan will cost $2.3-million and will be limited to 24 copies, which means most will be bought by wealthy collectors who will throw the car in a climate controlled storage facility and use exactly none of the 800 horsepower.


If you do decide to drive the Vulcan, and you should because that’s what it’s for, Aston is worried that you might not be able to do so safely. To help get your driving skills up to the level the Vucan requires, Aston Martin will provide instruction on some of the company’s less insane cars like the Vantage V12 S (a 565-horsepowe, 205-mph car) or a real Aston Martin Vantage GT4 race car. Once you’ve graduated from those lesser cars, Aston will put you in the seat of the Vulcan, but only on a computer. Aston Martin has a simulator of the Vulcan that allows you to crash the car to your heart’s content without worrying about the car’s bodywork (or your own).

Source: Wired