Big Discounts Help Sell Big SUVs, Trucks

Big SUVs and trucks might be starting to make their way into buyers’ driveways as car shoppers take advantage of huge discounts and fantastic incentives to buy the gas-guzzlers.

Dealers say they’re seeing renewed interest in the biggest trucks, as customers realize the deep discounts offered by auto makers can more than offset the extra cash they spend to gas up the vehicles, reports Dow Jones and CNN
Mike Jackson, CEO of AutoNation Inc., said customers have a window of opportunity to buy SUVs at a discount now before massive production cuts by Detroit’s Big Three auto makers begin to trim inventories.
Gas prices are down, at least below $4 a gallon, which might also be aiding in the increase of sales of SUVs and trucks.  Truck sales are likely being helped by those buyers who need the trucks for work, and can no longer put off buying a new vehicle.
The window of opportunity for a great deal on a truck or SUV is still open. Inventories are still high and sales are still down from a year ago.  Large SUV sales are down 31% year-to-date, and large pickup sales are down 24%, according to Autodata Corp.