Car Dealer Sues Rival, Claims it Sabotaged Them

We all know auto sales are down and dealers aren’t making a lot of money right now. But have things become so desperate that dealers are doing cut-throat things to get customers? 

Varsity Lincoln-Mercury in Novi, Mich. is suing a rival dealer for trying to sabotage them, reports The suit alleges that Hoot McInerney, owner of Star Lincoln-Mercury in Southfield, Mich., broke the law when he mailed 65 letters on July 24 to Varsity Lincoln-Mercury’s lease customers, claiming that Varsity was closing its doors, when it wasn’t.
The letter read in part, "It has come to my attention that ‘your’ Lincoln-Mercury Dealer has decided to close," and was signed Hoot McInerney, president of Star Lincoln-Mercury.
McInerney said it was a simple error and meant to say a dealership has decided to close, but not "your" Lincoln-Mercury dealer.  McInerney claims he was referring to a dealership in Clinton Township he found out might be closing.
However, Varsity Lincoln-Mercury said the damage has already been done. Desperate times call for (alleged) desperate measures, right?