Chrysler’s Hybrids Cheaper Than GM’s

Pricing became available today for Chrysler’s new hybrid SUVs and it seems they will be about $5,000 cheaper than GM’s hybrid models that use the same technology.

The Detroit News reports that the 2009 Dodge Durango hybrid will start at $45,340 and the Chrysler Aspen hybrid will start at $45,570, Chrysler said today. GM’s comparable Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid starts at $50,490 and the GMC Yukon hybrid starts at $50,945.

These new four-wheel-drive SUVs are Chrysler’s first hybrids and will be at your local dealers in August. Will the $5,000 difference give Chrysler the edge over customers looking for a big, hybrid SUV? It certainly is a decent incentive to buy a Chrysler over a GM product.