Consumer Price Index for July Shows New, Used Car Index Increases

The Consumer Price Index for July, released in August by the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, reveals that the price index for new vehicles did not increase last month, while the price index for used cars and trucks rose by .7%. Statistics on increases from the first half of the year show new vehicles climbing 4%, while values for used cars and trucks climbed 5.3%.

The larger increase for used vehicles is something we’ve been reporting on as consumers see dramatically higher sale and trade-in prices for pre-owned cars and trucks. As for new vehicles, July’s slack in the price index may signal some better deals going on in August before a new 2012 lineup starts to replace the 2011 inventory still in new car dealer’s lots. Or, this could just be a seasonal hiccup in the slow growth of the average sale prices. Earlier in the year, analysts were still screaming about a significant shortage of some new car models, with supply disrupted by the tragic disasters in Japan. But with reports trickling out throughout the year on a restored supply chain and a thriving export market, it seems this part of the auto industry is recovering well, which could get reflected in new car numbers for the second half of 2011.

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