Ford Details Value of EcoBoost Engine in Ford Explorer

The leadership at Ford wants customers to know about how well their company’s vehicles are doing on fuel efficiency. Specifically, the series of EcoBoost engines that go into the Ford Explorer and some other Ford vehicles are delivering high miles per gallon at a time when this characteristic is one of the top selling points for any car or truck on the market. Just around midnight, Ford released a news article talking about how the current Ford Explorer operates on this top-EPA-rated engine.

According to Ford, the Explorer SUV gets 20 miles per gallon on the highway, which beats all of the competition, including models like the Honda Pilot or the Toyota Highlander. The all-new 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine helps Ford to deliver on promises to expand their fuel economy as consumers ponder rising gas prices and the threat of future price spikes. A V6 option is also available for this vehicle.

As the clock struck 12, Ford writers were detailing exactly how the EcoBoost engine delivers this fuel savings to vehicle owners. A combination of less overall displacement, a good fuel injection system and innovative camshaft timing lead to an engine that delivers enough power to move one of these crossover vehicles without guzzling more gas than some of the car models now on the market. This well patented technology is part of what Ford is using to move forward in the 21st century, as car buyers demand greater fuel efficiency. Ford estimates that EcoBoost engine models will be in 90% of its lineup by 2013.

In other statements about how the Ford Explorer reaches its high mpg, writers addressed the style of the vehicle, citing aerodynamic design that helps this SUV move through its environment rather than against it. Ford says that many 2011 Explorer buyers surveyed mentioned fuel efficiency as one of the main reasons for their choice. Look for these fuel-efficient vehicles on sale near you, and make sure to research the latest rebates and incentives, along with current interest rates and other financing information, to get these vehicles at the best local prices.