Ford Flex Could be SUV Replacement

2009 Ford Flex

As SUV sales plummet, drivers who need the space and towing capacity are looking for alternatives in the form of crossovers.

While it was cool at one time to drive a station wagon or minivan, these vehicles are seldom seen on the roadways anymore. Now that drivers are turning away from mammoth SUVs, some still have big families.

Now that Ford has discontinued its minivan, the introduction of the 2009 Flex comes at a good time.

Yes, it looks like a big box, but the Flex crossover seats seven and even has a real refrigerator for those long road trips with the family.

Prices range from $28,295 to $34,705. The Flex gets 17 city/24 highway mpg for the FWD version and 16 city/22 highway mpg for the AWD. It has a 262-horsepower V-6 engine.

Ford Flex interior

The new Flex has a nice Sony sound system, DVD player, ambient lighting and comes with the voice-activated Sync system as well.

Drivers are demanding something different from SUVs but those who can’t fit the family in a sedan should take a look at the Ford Flex. It’s a little bit SUV, station wagon and minivan all rolled into one head-turning vehicle. Could this replace the dying breed of SUVs?

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Photos courtesy of Ford.