Ford Likely Will Add Smaller, More Fuel-Efficient Trucks

Ford’s full-size pickup sales have plunged about 23 percent in the past three years, due to record gas prices and a decline in the construction industry. Full-size trucks are big profit makers. So what is Ford to do?

The company’s gas-friendly Focus has seen great sales numbers recently, but is not as much of a source of profit. Because of a consumer shift toward smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles and soaring gas prices, Ford is planning to revamp its U.S. truck lineup, reports the Detroit News.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 could soon have a smaller, lighter alternative.


Ford has not yet commented on the new trucks being developed, but apparently the company is developing a smaller, lighter version of the F-150. The F-series is the best-selling vehicle in the United States, even with slow sales this year, and the full-size F-series pickup is the best-selling vehicle for Ford overall.

The Detroit News reports that a possible model is based on a modified F-150 platform and is known internally as P525. The truck will be about 10 percent smaller and much lighter than the F-150. Ford will most likely use a thinner and stronger steel frame and more aluminum in the body.

It seems Ford is finding a way to bring back those buyers who had no choice to abandon their massive trucks for small, gas-friendly cars. Hopefully the new lighter, smaller trucks will cost much less to fill the tank!