Ford MyKey Gives Parents More Control over Teen Drivers

Ford’s new Mykey feature will allow parents to set the top speed, maximum radio volume and other limits on their cars whenever teens are at the wheel.  MyKey will debut on the 2010 Focus and make its way to other Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models soon after that.

The limits are programmed into a specific key that the teenager would use, so parents are free to drive as fast as they like and blast the radio.  MyKey users will also be able to set more insistent seat belt warnings, chimes when specific speeds are reached and set the low fuel warning to come on sooner. Ford says all of these features will help teens concentrate on driving and make them safer. 

Teens polled by Harris Interactive for Ford were not thrilled about the MyKey’s limiting features, but 64% said that they would be happy with the limits if it meant more time behind the wheel.  Fifty percent of parents polled said they would let their children use the family car more if they could set limits like the MyKey can.

Photo courtesy of Ford