Ford Says it Still Needs to Cut 4,200 Employees

Ford told United Auto Workers officials this week that it still has about 4,200 more hourly workers in its U.S. plants than it needs, and it is hoping the latest round of blue-collar buyouts will help lower that number, reports The Detroit News.

While Ford did not set a target for this round of buyouts, Ford’s goal was to cut 9,000 workers. Obviously, not enough employees took one of the buyout packages.
The company has hosted several job fairs to convince workers to take buyouts and recently created a Web site,, to help workers who leave the company.
Ford lost $8.7 billion in the second quarter and its U.S. sales are down 15.6 percent through August, according to Autodata Corp.
Hopefully Ford doesn’t have to resort to involuntary layoffs.