Hyundai Accent is America’s Cheapest Car by $20

What does $20 get you? It will buy you half a tank of gas, maybe dinner for two at Chili’s (as long as you both agree to drink water). Now for the price of two orders of chicken crispers, you can upgrade from a Hyundai to a Nissan!

Apparently being the least expensive car in America means a lot to Hyundai. The Korean automaker has dropped the price of its Accent subcompact hatchback to $9,970, which makes it $20 less than a Nissan Versa. Considering that Nissans traditionally have higher resale value than Hyundais and the Versa is a four door sedan, the $20 premium doesn’t seem too steep.
This week, Hyundai also announced a “blue” edition of the Accent that will offer higher gas mileage at no additional cost. The Accent Blue will be offered next year.

Hyundai Accent picture


Nissan Versa picture