Hyundai and Kia Sign Deal With Microsoft to Use Software in Cars

Hyundai and Kia are jumping on the bandwagon to use Microsoft’s in-car software in their vehicles. Microsoft signed a deal with the two automakers, allowing drivers of the brands to also use voice command technology to make phone calls and control music.

Microsoft’s exclusive, one-year contract with Ford expires in November. This means Ford will no longer have the monopoly on the cool, high-tech software system for vehicles.

The AP reports that Hyundai and Kia will be able to sell cars equipped with Microsoft Auto around the world starting in November, but the companies are working on new features and probably won’t be ready this fall, said Velle Kolde, senior product manager for Microsoft Auto.

We’re not sure what new features the two companies will add, but Kolde says possibilities could include navigation and an emergency call service activated when air bags inflate.

Microsoft is allowed to license the software to other automakers as well.

What’s next? A 2010 version of the Knight Rider Kitt car?