Hyundai Beats Other Auto Makers in New TrueCar Performance Review

The newest from auto analyst firm TrueCar includes a rating of various auto makers and brands according to something it calls “Performance Scorecards.” These ratings are included in the firm’s monthly TrueTrends report, and measure a range of criteria, from market share and customer loyalty to pricing and incentives. These handy comparisons can give customers more information about how to get the best deals from a participating dealership.

There is a lot of information in the newest performance scorecard release, but two items offered the most direct contrast of positive and negative performance. Korean manufacturer Hyundai blew away the crowd with an A+ rating from TrueCar, while Swedish auto company Saab ranked dismally, with TrueCar execs citing near bankruptcy for the company. The rarity of an actual Saab on U.S. roads jibes with this discouraging picture for Saab’s U.S. sales.

When TrueCar rated auto brands, a stranger picture emerged. While the Jaguar Land Rover auto maker, now owned by Indian car company Tata, was rated, it received a high grade. When Jaguar and Land Rover brands were judged independently, Land Rover tied with GMC and Jeep with an A+, while Jaguar was ranked in the back of the class with a D grade, along with Honda and Suzuki.

Among big gainers in this report was Toyota, which moved from a C- to a B+, giving more ammo to those who refute charges that massive recalls and supply issues have tarnished the brand As for decliners, Ford came down from a B to a C grade, Volkswagen slipped from A to C+, and German luxury car maker Porsche moved from an A to a B-.

TrueCar’s latest performance report shows Hyundai leading among brands for three straight months. This coincides with excitement around this brand that’s been building for several years, with the stylish Elantra and other Hyundai vehicles offering good value for cost as well as high miles per gallon. To get the best deals on these or any other new or used vehicles, keep an eye on these market reports and what they are saying about where the best value is in today’s auto industry.