June Sales Figures In, Results Not Good

GM, Ford and Toyota all had double-digit sales declines in June, as car shoppers leaned toward small, fuel-friendly cars, reports The Detroit News. On the flip side, Honda was able to pull off an 11.4 percent gain for the month.

GM, although down in sales, held onto the top spot as the U.S.’s number one car seller. GM sold 265,937 units in June, down 18.5 percent from last year.

Ford’s U.S. sales dropped 28 percent in June compared to last year. Its small Focus car saw sales increase 53 percent in June, while SUV and truck sales fell by as much as 40 percent for some models.

Toyota posted a 21.4 percent drop in U.S. sales for the month, only moving 193,234 units. The Camry increased sales by more than 10 percent and the Corolla increased sales by 16 percent. Prius hybrid sales figures remain strong as well.

Honda was able to sell 142,539 units in the U.S. in June, increasing their sales by 11.4 percent. Popular models for June were the Accord and Civic sedans.