Kelley Predicts Big Incentives for Car Buyers as Japanese Auto Makers Recover

Consumers who are paying attention to reports for the North American car market can get some valuable information on when and how to buy a new vehicle for maximum savings. The newest news from Kelley Blue Book is a major heads up to anyone who’s planning to buy a new vehicle in the months ahead.

This month, Kelley Blue Book is reporting an interesting prediction for the rest of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. The company is predicting what they call an incentive war that should see a range of new concessions emerge across the industry for capturing the attention of new car buyers.

Many reports from the beginning of this year were focused on the idea that Japanese auto brands lost significant market share in the U.S. market after the natural disasters that hit that country and disrupted supply lines for Honda and Toyota brands. Supply issues have continued to depress sales for these prize winning brands, but with Japanese factories and suppliers getting back online, Kelly believes Toyota and Honda will push to redevelop their lead in the American car market with many more incentives tempting customers toward vehicles like the Toyota Camry or Corolla or the perennial bestseller Honda Civic.

This in turn will boost more responses from Ford, whose Ford Focus vehicle is showing a lot of promise for next year, and Chevrolet, debuting its new Cruze vehicle, as well as Korean maker Hyundai, a firm that’s trying to make it Elantra and Sonata vehicles real contenders. The likely winners in this race to provide deals will be car customers who can choose between various cash rebates, trade and assistance programs, low financing rates, or other bonuses to negotiate a better deal at local dealer’s lots. Kelley also suggests these deals will apply to many of the redesigned 2012 vehicles that are just now making their debut on showroom floors. If you want to take advantage of any of these new deals, keep looking at how manufacturers are sending new sales offers to their participating dealerships. This kind of market research could net you a real bargain on either a domestic or foreign new car with fresh style, fuel-efficient design and more of the modern amenities that you want in your next vehicle.