Miami Rapper Stitches Puts His Donk Up For Sale

Stitches is selling his car. The rapper who’s “Brick in Yo Face” video went viral last year (not work safe, contains lots and lots of references to selling drugs and violence, including the amazing lines “I love selling Blow” and “I got an AK47 on my face ho, so you know I don’t shoot no pistols”) has said that he is sick of getting pulled over by the police so much, so apparently the man with the stitches tattooed on his face next to the AK47 is looking to go incognito (I’d recommend heavy tint).

via Ebay

Stitches put his donk, a lifted 1980s Cutlass painted white on white 26-inch wheels, up on Ebay. With six days left, the Oldsmobile donk has a bid of over $3,000, even though the listing is in the section of Ebay for side marker lights. That’s a high price for a V6 Cutlass, even with a custom interior (which Stitches hasn’t posted yet), so it’s pretty obvious people are either buying the celebrity connection or the 26-inch wheels.

Via Stitches’ Instagram