Share Refunding 6,000 Customers

In an update to the ongoing saga with, the company announced Tuesday that it is giving a full refund to more than 6,000 customers who paid for a membership but never got a chance to use the discount gas program, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Customers would pre-buy gas at the current price and then use it in the future when prices have gone up. They would use a debit-type card filled with their pre-bought "gallons" to fill up at gas stations.

The company has come under scrutiny recently by the Better Business Bureau for misleading advertising. MyGallons LLC has not been able to secure a bank to process the credit card transactions at gas stations. So basically, the company was saying their program was up and running and they accepted members, but they didn’t yet have a vendor to provide the service they were advertising.

"We are a consumer-friendly program and we are sorry for the inability to provide this wonderful program to consumers," company spokesman Greg Salsburg said. He said that the company will notify all customers about the refunds and return the money directly.

Salsburg also said that MyGallons is still negotiating with a bank to administer the program and hopes to offer the discount program in the future. Once the program is in place, MyGallons officials are planning to waive the first-year membership fee of $29.95 or $39.95 to those who signed up for the program recently.