NADAguides Offers Quarterly Report to 2011 Shoppers

If you’re looking for a new car on today’s market, take advantage of well-researched guidance from the NADAguides newest Car Buyer’s Market Report. Yesterday morning, the renowned consumer advocate came out with six new vehicle models for 2011 that are on offer from manufacturers at a high “value for cost.” In a market where incentives and rebates have been slashed across the board, the NADAguides resource helps new car customers to find deals. The report lists vehicles that are widely available, along with critical information on financing, rebates and more.

So what’s on the June/July list? Three cars from different makers caught the eye of NADA researchers sifting through current manufacturer deals. The first, the 2011 Acura TL, comes with “incentives and features” according to NADAguides, along with an estimated 1.9% financing for a 36 month deal. At an MSRP of around $35,000, this is one many shoppers won’t want to miss.

NADAguides also mentions the 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T trim as another good buy. Citing an MSRP around $30,000 and the same 1.9% deal on 36-month car financing, the report gives this car a gold star. The 2011 Challenger has all of this, along with unique style that recalls the sleek muscle cars of yore.

The third pick, the Hyundai Azera Ltd., comes from a car maker with a growing fan base. As leaner times erode the popularity of the classic “top manufacturers,” Hyundai has been sneaking into the market, offering great cars at reduced prices. The 2011 Hyundai Azera continues this trend, with the maker offering a $1500 “owner coupon” according to NADA, plus 23 mpg and lots of neat features.

Along with these sedans, a truck and two SUVs round off the quarterly list. The GMC Terrain SLE-2 and the Toyota Venza I4 AWD provide choices for those favoring a crossover or similar ride, while the Toyota Tacoma (in its double cab incarnation, along with the V6 manual) completes the list.

This shopping list is key for those buyers who want to go to the lot armed with information that will help them sign the best car financing deal for their money. When you figure out the best pricing for locally available models, you’ll be all set to negotiate a fair deal with the dealership. With car financing “base” numbers, you can be sure that you are offered interest rates for your car loan that are commensurate with your credit situation. Don’t neglect the financing side of your purchase, and play hardball to get the lowest monthly payments and the least debt over time. And print out the NADAguides report or other consumer reports info to match up with the best buys on the lot.