Nissan Offers Hardship Deals on Sales, Financing

With auto makers looking at how to help American families heal from recent natural catastrophes, including the floods, tornadoes and secondary storms wracking parts of the country, Nissan is leaping into the fray with a new program that will change Nissan financing and new car purchases for those in storm-prone states who have suffered damage to their vehicles. Earlier this month, the manufacturer announced a set of deals offering new 2011 Nissan price breaks as well as financing leniency to those whose current Nissan vehicles have sustained damage in counties where FEMA is managing local devastation. This adds Nissan to the list of car makers assisting those communities that need help managing finances after huge amounts of property destruction threaten to submerge many families in debt; Ford is another manufacturer reaching out with similar programs.

One of Nissan’s offers to these drivers is employee pricing – that means if your Nissan car or truck has been damaged in a storm, you could get the same kinds of price breaks usually reserved for those on Nissan’s payroll, which, according to the auto maker, amounts to about $1,500 off of dealer invoice. Another break for those driving a 2010 Nissan or older model is possible deferment of up to three months of payments without the usual late fees. Whether you’re financing a late model 2009 or 2010 Nissan Altima or Maxima, an SUV model like the Nissan Armada or Murano, a Frontier truck, or a fashionable Nissan Cube or Juke, this loan alteration can help balance a loss in value that can be financially crippling for those who have maxed out their vehicle budget long term.

To get the price incentives, Nissan suggests that prospective 2011 Nissan buyers or those looking for a pre-owned Nissan work with local dealers. With the above price deals in place, it’s still ultimately important to work with lenders to find your best values for 2011 Nissan financing or other late model car loan agreements. Cast a wide net, using third party lender research, and find the best interest rates to make sure you combine these current price offers with prudent Nissan financing, to drive away in the car you want with a payment plan that you can afford.