Now You Can Buy a Limo Like President Obama’s

Do you love President Obama’s new limo? If you think you have to be president of our country to get one, you’re wrong. Texas Armoring Corporation, a leading worldwide supplier of armored limousines and luxury bulletproof vehicles, said it will offer presidential-style limousines to the public.

But be ready to spend big on your new Obama limo replica.  
“We would absolutely be willing to build a vehicle like President Obama’s new limousine,” says Trent Kimball, president and CEO of Texas Armoring Corp. “The cost for the custom body build alone would be approximately $750,000-$1,000,000 USD and you could probably double that number to include the armoring cost. Overall, you’d be looking at around $2,000,000 USD for a single-unit order.”
Armored Limo picture
Two million dollars worth of luxury and safety sits in this limo.
You won’t be able to buy an exact replica of the presidential limo though, as the specs are kept secret, Kimball says. But the company says it can get you pretty close to the real thing with even more luxury.
What does a $2 million armored limo from Texas Armoring offer to a prospective buyer? The limos have plush executive interiors, large flat screen TVs, high-end wood grain and granite, custom audio systems and other luxury amenities in addition to the typical VIP options.  Also, these limos will have custom defensive capabilities like hidden ram bumpers, electric-shocking door handles, a smoke screen system and even an automated road-tack-dispensing system.
I guess if you’re one of the lucky few who have unlimited finances, this would be a great car for you. I wonder if you get a discount on your insurance because it has so many safety features.