‘Snobootz’ Designed for Safer Winter Driving

For those of you who live up north, winter isn’t too far away. Soon you’ll be driving in two feet of snow! Check out this new product that might help you get more traction in wintery conditions.

IDER, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A unique new, lightweight tire accessory designed to help provide safer driving conditions in winter weather coupled with easy installation compared to snow chains is being announced today by Navimetrix.
Named Snobootz, this revolutionary patent-pending winter traction device for passenger cars and light trucks consists of a durable fabric boot which wraps around the tire. The product features rubber traction pads bonded to the fabric boot. The pads are embedded with steel cleats for aggressive ice traction. Snobootz fits the most popular size tires on cars and light trucks.
Kurt Lammon, president of Navimetrix, said, “Snobootz (available at are a great way to help ensure family safety during snow and ice winter driving conditions. The installation usually requires about a minute per tire. Snobootz offer an ideal solution for winter traction, especially for smaller cars that often have wheel clearances too tight to allow the use of tire chains.” Snobootz come as a set of two to cover both tires on the drive axle.
“The installation of Snobootz is simple and straightforward,” said Lammon. “The driver simply drapes the boot over the tire, drives forward a few feet, then latches the hook-and-loop fastener which holds the boot to the tire.”
Independent third-party testing at Michigan Tech University’s Keweenaw Research Center (KRC) proved that Snobootz was about 20 percent faster than snow chains on ice from zero to 20 mph on a full-size SUV. On a 10 percent ice-covered grade, Snobootz allow a vehicle to climb, come to a complete stop on the slope, and then continue the climb again without sliding backwards.
In KRC installation tests, Snobootz proved to be 66 percent faster than tire chains. This means the driver will be less exposed to roadside hazards, and more likely to use them when necessary. Also, at one-third the weight of chains, Snobootz are easier to handle and store. Lammon said that although Snobootz are not designed for extended use on dry pavement, the tough rubber traction pads have been proven to last more than 200 miles, which exceeds the life expectancy of tire chains on dry pavement.
Snobootz are available at at a suggested list price of $250 per pair.