Top 5 Hybrid SUVs That Save You Money Over Time

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Hybrid SUVs are becoming more popular alternatives for those who need the room of an SUV but also want to save on gas. 
Because hybrids generally cost more than their gas engine counterparts, sometimes the savings on gas don’t make up for the high price tag. did a study for to find which hybrid SUVs save money over time.
IntelliChoice compared projected 5-year ownership costs for specific vehicles with an average of expected costs for similarly priced SUVs.  Factors included fuel, depreciation, maintenance and finance costs.
Calculations were based on real-world costs of the vehicles, including rebates and tax incentives, to make the comparisons as realistic as possible, reports CNNMoney.
Saturn Vue Green Line
Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
Ford Escape Hybrid
Toyota Highlander Hybrid (pictured above)
Dodge Durango Hybrid