Toyota Launches National APR Plan for Used Tundras and Sequoias

Toyota has launched its first-ever national Annual Percentage Rate program for select Toyota certified used vehicles, reports Special Finance.

The national APR program offers eligible customers a 2.9 percent interest rate up to 66 months, and applies to certified used Tundra and Sequoia vehicles.

"We’re excited to offer this special program for our customers and dealers alike," said Norm Olson, sales operations manager of Toyota certified used vehicles. "With this program, consumers, on average, will see a $50 to $60 improvement on their monthly payments for a used Tundra or Sequoia, a significant savings in today’s economic climate."

The incentive plan, which ends July 31, is designed to increase sales of full-size pickup trucks and SUV’s.

Toyota’s certified used vehicle sales have increased 7.3 percent over last year, in the period through April, 2008. Overall sales of Toyota certified used vehicles are at 95,260 through April.

With the extra $50 or $60, a Toyota truck or SUV owner can use it to fill the tank. Hey, every little bit helps, right?