TrueMPG Report Shows Increased Fuel Economy in 2011 Sales

Auto market researchers are announcing an uptick in average MPG for U.S. vehicles, measured year over year for June 2011 from June 2010. We’ve previously reported on periodic notices from top auto analyst firm TrueCar, but not everyone knows that besides providing a lot of details on transaction prices and incentive spending, TrueCar also gives customers a clear picture of average miles per gallon or MPG for the cars that are getting sold every day in lots across America. The TrueCar TrueMPG report is meant to be an alternative to the government’s CAFE system, where it can be tough for readers to dissect the data on how much fuel economy auto makers are providing.

A report from TrueCar on Friday showed just what the numbers are for industry-wide MPG in sales for June 2011. Some of the basic numbers show industry-wide averages for both car and truck sales, with 24.8 for cars, 19 mpg for trucks, and a combined average of 21.6.

So how do auto makers stack up? Just looking at data for cars gives readers an interesting glance into what’s happening within an industry where customers are hungry for more fuel efficient rides. Data for June 2011 car sales, broken down by manufacturer, shows Korean auto maker Hyundai winning out with an average mpg of 25.2, followed by Honda with 23.4. Nissan and Toyota tie with 22.6. U.S. auto maker trail, with GM bringing the high number on the domestic front at 21. Ford follows with 20.6 and Chrysler gets an 18.9 average.

To create these numbers, TrueCar analyzed actual lot sales using the EPA mpg estimates. This information helps to show how auto makers are bringing fuel economy to the masses, through changes in engineering. This includes a wide range of strategies, from hybrids and diesel vehicles, to more prosaic design changes like making cars lighter and designing engines to save a few miles per gallon. Then there’s the electric market, which is not yet a part of the mainstream, but is being pushed by some consumers and elements of the industry as a solution to dependence on foreign oil.

No matter what kind of fuel economy you are looking for, use new data from companies like TrueCar to fill you in on aspects of pricing for vehicles. Looking at these types of consumer reports before you go to the lot can save you a lot of money and help you to negotiate a fair deal. And knowing about what kind of MPG you get with a new or used purchase helps, too.