Two For the Price of One: Buy an SUV, Get a Free Car

Story (in italics) by NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. – Gas prices have hurt SUV and truck sales so much that one car dealer says, if you buy a gas guzzler from him, he’ll give you a more fuel-efficient car for free.

New Smyrna Beach Chevrolet is offering the two-for-one deal to anyone who buys a full-size SUV or truck. The general manager said large vehicles have been all but ignored over the past year, because everyone is looking for smaller, fuel efficient cars.

Free car with purchase of SUV

"You know how they say, desperate measures, desperate times. Something like that? That’s where I’m at right now and we’ve got to make deals. This is just one of my deals," said general manager Jack Holcomb.

The dealership said it has cut its inventory in half and still has about three dozen trucks to get rid of. The manager said he won’t make much of a profit, but at least he’ll get rid of some trucks.

Think of it this way. If you’re one of those car shoppers who must have an SUV to tote around the family or tow your trailer or boat, this is great! So what do you do with the free car?

You can give the car to your college-bound kid as a graduation present. You could also slap a "for sale" sign on it, stick it in your front yard and make a nice little profit by selling it. Or, keep it for the daily commute to work and save the new SUV for the weekend.

Either way, this is definitely the most extreme car-buying-incentive I’ve seen in a while!

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