2014 Chevy Volt Gets $5,000 Price Cut – Now Just $27,495 After Tax Rebate

The 2014 Chevy Volt will get a huge price cut for this year. Chevy has cut the Volt’s starting price from $39,995 ($32,495 after the $7,500 tax rebate) to $34,995 ($27,495 after the tax rebate). That puts the Volt in a much better place to compete with the Toyota Prius, which starts at $25,010.

Other changes for the 2014 Volt will include a leather steering wheel and two new exterior paint colors, Ashen Gray and Brownstone, according to Autoblog. Like the Nissan 370Z, which also gets a price cut for 2014, the Volt won’t have any standard features removed to meet the new price point.

The Volt will go approximately 38 miles on battery power and then 35-mpg city and 40-mpg highway once the gas generator kicks in. The Prius gets 51-mpg city and 48-mpg highway. That means that drivers who regularly drive shorter distances between charges will get better fuel economy out of the Volt while people with a long daily commute will do better with the Prius.

The Volt isn’t a hybrid, it’s an electric car with a gasoline generator, so comparing it to the gasoline-electric hybrid Prius is kind of like comparing a baseball player to a football player. Still, both cars are designed to be a legitimate compromise between an electric car and a gas-powered one. Besides, Deion Sanders played baseball and football professionally and Michael Jordan played baseball after he retired from basketball because a great athlete is a great athlete.