5 Myths That Could Get You a Traffic Ticket, or Worse

Consumer Reports has compiled a list of six common traffic ticket myths that could cost you hundreds of dollars. Traffic tickets are expensive, and the insurance rate hike that usually follows a ticket can cost you several times the initial fine. Even if you’re willing to endure the embarrassment of being talked down to by a police officer like you’re six years old and just broke the cookie jar after you were just told to stay out of it, you probably want to avoid getting a ticket.

Almost every local and state government agency is experiencing a financial pinch. Because of this, chances are the police in charge of your local roads have been given a mandate to increase revenue. They won’t be doing this by throwing bake sales. They’ll be writing more tickets. So how can you avoid wasting all your hard earned money on citations?

how to beat a traffic ticket

A few of the myths revolve around where and when you’re safe speeding. When passing another car? Not allowed. When passing a police officer who already has someone else pulled over? Come on. Shocking, I know.

In case you aren’t stupid, the article included a few helpful hints and reminders for keeping yourself out of trouble.

The lower speed limits in work zones are in effect even when no workers are present. Only when the signs are covered up can you trust the normal speed limit.

Red light cameras can tell if you stop before turning right on red. The cameras are even able to tell if you slowed down to a 1-2 mph roll, for states that consider that enough of a stop.

You can get a DWI with a blood alcohol level below .08. In fact, you can be arrested for driving while impaired without even drinking alcohol. You can be impaired on any mind altering substance, including legal prescription pills. Police are more concerned with your driving ability and how safe you are behind the wheel than how many drinks you’ve had.


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