Acura Financial Services Launched to Offer Car Loans and Leases to its Customers

American Honda Finance Corp. recently launched Acura Financial Services, a separate financial services division, to better meet the needs of Acura’s customers and dealers.

Acura, which is owned by Honda, wants to boost its customer service and enhance brand image, SubPrime Auto Finance News reports.
"With our most recent ranking in the top two, three and four positions in the luxury lease segment of the 2008 J.D. Power and Associates Consumer Financing Satisfaction Study, the timing is perfect to utilize our years of experience and expertise to create financial services that will meet the needs of Acura clients," said Stephen Smith, senior vice president of American Honda Finance Corp.
Acura TSX picture
If you need financing for an Acura TSX, Acura Financial Services can now provide you with an auto loan or lease.
"The creation of separate Acura-branded financial services parallels other moves to strengthen and differentiate the Acura luxury brand."

Acura Financial Services will provide financing for leases and car loans to customers who want to purchase or lease an Acura vehicle. Previous Acura lessees and auto loan customers obtained their financing through American Honda Finance Corp.