New Online Sales/Financing Site Helps Streamline Virtual Car Shopping

A new partnership between a major car sale site and a new force in auto lending is helping more new and used car shoppers get a one-stop Internet shop for selecting and financing their desired vehicles., a large national car sales site, is teaming up with, a major project of Santander U.S.A., which is putting more information about new and used auto loans on the web for consumers. According to a press release October 7, this collaborative program is going to involve finance options that come up automatically on the Vehix site when the shopper is looking to finance part or all of the vehicle sale.

On the face of it, this partnership might seem like a strange one: while Vehix is owned by Comcast, is the project of a subsidiary of large Spanish retail and commercial bank Banco Santander. It seems that Spanish bankers have seen a lot of possibility in the wide array of auto loans being looked for by American individuals and families who want pay off their vehicles over time. With so many established American lenders slow to lend to a growing sector of Americans, there is something of a vacuum for other lenders who want to step in and play matchmaker between families and individual drivers desperate for car financing and others holding massive amounts of capital.

But the new process offered by Vehix and is more than just a way to help American vehicle buyers to qualify for an auto loan: it’s also the modern kind of car shopping strategy that helps buyers get around the sometimes rigid or confusing buying process at a local dealership. More than a few car shoppers get frustrated by what they see as roadblocks set up by local dealers representatives and car sales offices, where it may seem like the customer doesn’t have access to the information that they need to make good decisions. With easy new web tools, a prospective buyer can do almost everything but the test drive online, from checking the specific pricing for features, to arranging for a pre-qualification, a test of what the buyer’s credit can help them get for an auto loan. When it comes to auto financing, too many dealers are just expensive middlemen, and now, those who research a deal online can see what they truly qualify for. Check out these sorts of easy web venues when you are in the market for a vehicle that you want to pay off over time.