New Credit Repair Kit Helps Military Families Secure Credit

A brand new set of resources is likely to help many military families in America to get their hands on the credit that they need for mortgages, auto loans and all sorts of financial agreements based on that powerful indicator of a consumer’s credit worthiness, the FICO score or credit score. An announcement today shows that Pioneer Services, which is the military banking division of Mid-country Bank, is providing America’s military with a new service called the Credit Repair Kit to help military families deal with the hardships of seeking necessary credit.

Part of this new resource is composed of videos that will help to orient military consumers and show them how they can go about looking for credit. However, the most essential part of this resource is a detailed checklist that military families can use to figure out how to improve credit scores, reduce debt, and make themselves more attractive as borrowers. The credit repair checklist shows not only what a consumer needs to do to renovate their credit score, but how and when to do it. The details involved in this instruction may appeal to many military staffers who are used to clear, actionable instructions, as opposed to some “civilian” borrowers who often treat lending as a social exercise – but whether you’re in the military or not, everybody can take a page from this playbook, recognizing that in the lending industry, there are very technical and specific ways for individuals to “fix” their credit ratings.

Pioneer’s kit helps with understanding timelines for credit events, filing disputes, and other vital aspects of being vigilant about personal credit history. There are long-term and short-term strategies for different kinds of credit renovation, and visual tutorials to help bring home the importance of different credit repair strategies. Anyone who has experienced credit rejections or is struggling with a slightly tarnished credit rating should take a few tips from this new financial resource and take the initiative to rework finances in ways that could get the average borrower quite a bit closer to their financing goals.