Adam Levine’s Porsche 356

Adam Levine has good taste in cars (a Porsche 356) music (One More Night is definitely catchy) and girls (see the passenger seat of his Porsche for evidence) .  Most important of the three, obviously, is the car. Like everyone with money, Adam Levine has a Porsche, but he didn’t go for the 200-mph 911 Turbo or even a classic 911.  Levine has a 356, which was the predecessor to the 911, and had the same rear-engine, rear-wheel drive setup that made the 911 famous as a driver’s car.

The problem with a classic 911 is that nobody can tell it from a new one, so it doesn’t have the same visceral appeal as an old car that other classic sports cars like Aston Martins and Jaguars do.  That’s why the 356 is such a great car if you’re looking to stand out. It’s beautiful and exotic, where the 911 is recognizable and comfortable (at least for me, but I grew up with pictures of 911s framed in my living room.

Adam Levine is a judge on The Voice, which is as far as I can tell just an American Idol ripoff that adds a bunch of superfluous crap onto the Karaoke contest to manufacture drama. The Voice is also the show that NBC runs at random times during the week basically as an excuse to aggravate the few fans of their sitcoms and dramas (Parks and Rec is one of the most consistently funny shows not on FX and even though The Office is doing its best to make you hate the characters you used to love and love the characters you used to hate, it’s still pretty funny.  Chicago Fire is awesome.)


Image via Celebrity Cars Blog.