Aston Martin Upgrades the First V8 Vantage Models

Owners of the original Aston Martin V8 Vantage might be a bit angry. You see, that’s because a few months after Aston released the original V8 Vantage, with its 4.3-liter, 380-hp engine, they upgraded it and pumped up engine displacement to 4.7-liters. Could you imagine being the owner of one of those original 4.3-liter cars? You might be a bit annoyed at this fact. Not to worry Aston owners!

Aston Martin has heard your cries (and read the nasty e-mails) regarding the power deficit. To compensate, they are releasing a new array of options including a "Sport" package for the engine. With the assistance of a new dual-chamber airbox (ala’ DBS) and a recalibrated ECU, the engine now produces 400-hp, a healthy 20-hp boost!


On the handling front, Aston has been busy as well. A new "Sport" suspension package replaces the old hardware with new uprated springs, Bilstein dampers and gorgeous lightweight forged aluminum five-spoke wheels. That should be enough to satisfy even the most finicky customer. Both engine and suspension packages are available at Aston Martin dealers. No price has been announced, but expect to lay out a few grand to keep up with the new breed. Then again, if you’re an exotic sports car owner, spending money should be something you are well used to.

Source: Auto Week

Photo: Aston Martin