Audi Releases Details of its Scantalizing New RS6


What’s got 580hp, can seat five people comfortably and hit a top speed of almost 200mph? Why, Audi’s newest member of the high-performance RS family, the RS6, of course!

Audi’s newest super saloon checks all the right boxes for the ultimate enthusiast experience. Power comes from a glorious 5.0-liter, twin-turbo V10 and the power figure of 580hp is merely a prologue to the countless tuners who will wick up the boost and shoot power north of 600 ponies.

Audi brags that the engine of the new RS6 is a "high-tech work of art," incorporating such racing-derived technologies as FSI direct fuel injection and dry-sump lubrication. Of course, all that prostigious power is channeled through Audi’s legendary Quattro all-wheel-drive system, while gear changes are handled by a beefed-up version of the Tiptronic six-speed automatic gearbox.

Performance figures go as such: 0-60 mph in under 4.5 seconds, top speed is "only" 174mph stock. There’s way more in her though, and like I said, once the likes of tuners like MTM and ABT get their hands on this puppy, all bets will be off.

Another big thing to stick out is Audi’s new tail lamp treatment for the A6 body shell. It’s completly different from the regular A6 and perfectly compliments the wider fenders and rear bumper diffuser. Stunning 19” wheels round out the awesome package.

The one thing more shocking than the specs is the price. The RS6 will start at the equivalent of $157,296 when it goes on sale in Germany in mid-October. With the way the Euro is slaughtering the dollar, it’s only obvious to say that this car will not be coming stateside. If it did, it would probably sell for almost $200,000. Too bad because this is one very super super-saloon.


Audi specializes in super fast, understated sports saloons.