Audi Shines Amid Auto Market Gloom

Economic troubles, supply shortages and more have dogged the North American auto market in recent months, but the whole thing doesn’t seem to have hurt Audi too much; the German company is putting even more of its vehicles on U.S. roads, with five record-setting sales months this year. A June press release from the car maker shows numbers up over 13% in May alone. A “sales snaphot” shows how most of the Audi line is prospering in 2011.

Part of the year’s success, according to top staffers, is the elite Audi R8 Supercar line. Audi doesn’t ship a whole lot of these stateside; the actual numbers show only 99 units shipped out to American lots in May. Still, sales have been going up for these models, as well as for Audi TT coupes and roadsters. Other more prosaic Audi models that we’re used to seeing on the road have also experienced what the company calls “YOY” or year-over-year gains. For example, the Audi Q7 luxury SUV has also been selling well, with a jump of 33.9% in May, and this vehicle sells a higher volume than most of the lineup, where May numbers show over 800 of these crossovers sold. The Audi A3 family car experienced a 26.9% increase.

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