Audi Will Start Building A4’s in India

India’s emerging car market is something to behold. In a few short years, this country went from a very rural way of life to being one of the biggest emerging car markets in the world. Is it any wonder why major car companies are dumping lots of money there?

One of the latest to join the fray has been German auto giant Audi. The company currently manufactures the mid-sized A6 sedan there, and now they have announced they are adding the new A4 to the assembly line. An investment of about $38.5 million is expected from Audi to upgrade the facility to build the new A4 alongside the A6. The company’s goal is to build 11,000 A4’s and 7,000 A6’s in India by 2015.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi’s sales and marketing boss, said India, "is one of the most important future growth markets for Audi."

Important indeed. With future growth in this region estimated to go through the roof, it is a wise investment by Audi to prop itself in a position to be able to take advantage of this growth. The cars will be assembled at the Volkswagen Group’s plant in Aurangabad.

Source: Edmund’s Inside Line