AutoPacific Names Porsche Top Automotive Luxury Brand

A recent survey of 33,500 new car owners by California-based automotive marketing and product consulting firm AutoPacific shows that the Porsche line-up was the most desired in America. The full line of 2008 Porsche sports cars topped the field in the premium sports car segment, and Porsche ranked as the Ideal Premium Brand for 2008 among those who participated in the survey.

“Sweeping the field in the premium sports car segment, owners provided validation that Porsche really knows their target buyer and understands how to build an ideal vehicle. This year, they cleaned house in the premium sports car segment. Not only did all of the premium sports cars they produce score in the top three. It was a three-way-tie for first place, with the 911, Cayman and Boxster all sharing in the glory,” according to AutoPacific.

AutoPacific releases its Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA) results annually to measure owner desire for change across 15 specific areas related to a vehicle’s ride, handling, roominess, technology, comfort and more. Vehicles with the least amount of desired changes are considered “ideal” vehicles, having met their buyer demands. Porsche has been a company that has consistently been on top of this list. It seems with the results from this year’s awards, they are only continuing a great thing.