Bentley Releases a Teaser Shot of its New Biofuel Supercar


You’d think that the last thing that would go through the mind of someone who owns a Bentley would be fuel consumption. These vehicles have been gas-guzzling monsters since their very inception and I doubt fuel consumption was ever a design goal when putting together these cars. Bentley cars are all about excess.

Well it seems that times are changing. Bentley recently released a teaser photo of a car it is claiming is the "…fastest, most powerful production Bentley yet…".  While it might just look like a warmed-over Continental GT Coupe, this newest Bentley has a special angle about it. You see, the folks over in Crewe, England claim that this Bentley is not only the fastest and most powerful Bentley, but that it also runs on biofuel. That’s right, biofuel.

Though no performance numbers have been quoted, keep this in mind. Bentley’s fastest car at the present time is the Continental GT Speed and it makes a colossal 600-hp and 553 ft-lbs of torque from its twin turbo W12 engine. For it to be more powerful than that is just a hint of how fast this new Bentley will be. So far, it doesn’t even have a name, only referred to internally as the "Extreme Bentley."

With more than 600-hp on tap, that title seems mighty justified. With cars like this and the GT Speed, Bentley is slowly but surely re-establishing itself as a sports car maker. Though no one really knows what type of role this "Extreme Bentley" will fulfill in the current lineup, one can only presume that it will start to attract a new demographic of clients to the marque. Expect to see it at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show.

Source: AutoBlog

Photo: Bentley Motor Cars