Buick Releases a Teaser Shot of its Upcoming New LaCrosse Sedan


Look at the car above. Pretty nice, right? I mean, here is a car that one can really lust for. But what if I were to tell you that this was a Buick. How is your pulse now? Buick is on a renaissance these days. Obviously somebody in Buick’s upper management is realizing (for the first time apparently) how life works. You see, we all die in life. It’s an inevitable fact that no one can escape from.

No one including Buick’s current demographic consumer. The average Buick customer is more than 65 years old and not getting any younger. Ask a successful 55 year old what he’d drive and he’d probably point out something Teutonic from Germany. So what happens when Mr. 65 turns 75 and can’t drive anymore? What happens to Buick? Well, it seems someone finally realized that once they’re gone they’re gone.

That’s why the stuff you see coming out of Buick’s design studios these days are things attractive enough to convince Mr. BMW that he has an alternative, and an American one at that! GM recently released this teaser image (below) of the new 2009 Buick LaCrosse. I think what they are trying to get at is that the LaCrosse will look a lot like the Invicta concept which is shown at the top. GM is quoted as saying the LaCrosse’s appearance is "strongly influenced" by the Invicta. I hope so, because at this rate the only ones needing "strong influence" are the people who walk into a current Buick showroom.


 Let’s hope all this teasing leads to something substantial.