Share Details Summer Deals for Residual 2011 Inventory

If you’re looking for a deal toward the end of the summer, auto analysts at are identifying some cars that will go on sale at bargain prices just before the 2012 lineup eclipses the last of the 2011 inventory. Staffers point out in an August 16 press release that consumers can often get a good price for competitive design when buying toward the end of a model year, especially on vehicles that don’t change much going into the next year’s models. The problem is, the unprecedented lack of car supplies we’ve reported on in 2011 means that many dealers and manufacturers didn’t have to worry about overstock the way they might usually do, and that means it might be hard to find residual 2011 models for sale at your local lot. For those customers who can find these kinds of deals, has outlined some of the major offers from a range of car makers. According to the company, Chevrolet customers can get $2,500 cash back on the 2011 Malibu, or just over $4,500 on some models of the 2011 Silverado truck. Ford is poised to give out $2,500 on the 2011 Fusion as well as the 2011 Taurus, with some models getting 1.9% financing for 60 months. says Honda is competing with deals of .9% financing for a range of models, including the Accord and Civic, as well as the larger Crosstour and Pilot. Nissan offers $2,500 cash back on the 2011 Maxima, a stylish car with competitive design for the model year.

Not to be outdone, the Mazda company offers 0% financing for 60 months on the 2011 Mazda6, with $500 cash back. Volkswagen offers 1.9% financing on cars including the Jetta and Golf, as well as the tongue-twisting Touareg. These and other deals can  get today’s customers more of what they want at bargain prices before the 2012 lineup takes over and MSRPs go up. Look for these great offers on pricing and financing as you contemplate heading to the dealer’s lot to pick up an upgrade for your daily commute or just for the occasional country drive.